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The pasta of tradition

La Casa del Grano was founded by the experienced Rais family in the 1950s, initially as a small artisan workshop within the local market in Via Pola.

The choice of recipe and ideal processing techniques for the production of Is Malloreddus led to the creation of the modern pasta factory, located in the industrial district of Cagliari Elmas.

Graziella Rais, Dario’s daughter, embraced the family legacy, improving and adapting the existing machinery and creating new ones to achieve production increasingly similar to handmade pasta while ensuring industrial quality and safety through rigorous monitoring at every stage of the manufacturing process

But she was also able to innovate thanks to a highly skilled and trusted team, expanding the range of traditional Sardinian pasta to include a whole-wheat line, today in high demand among increasingly health- and figure-conscious consumers, and Le Rustiche, the most popular shapes in Italian cooking, likewise available in a whole-wheat version.

La pasta della tradizione