The value added to skilled production processes and the search for the best cereals and cutting-edge technology are what lie behind the success of our company and its signature products: Sa Fregula, Is Malloreddus and Is Maccarronis de Busa, traditionally served in Sardinia and now enjoyed throughout Europe, USA, Canada and Asian countries: China, Japan and Singapore.

The expertise and experience of our skilled pasta makers is an integral part of every production phase, guaranteeing a top-quality product, that is aesthetically pleasing and excellent to cook. The effort we put into selecting the primary ingredients, processing and drying phases means we can show off all the goodness of our pasta, in transparent packaging, where the smallest detail can be observed.

We continue to put our faith in the tradition of Sardinian pasta by producing “fregola”, the classic and special “malloreddus” and “maccarronis de busa” (wire-drawn “maccheroni”) following a by-gone recipe, with slow roasting and drying times. However, we have also taken up the challenge to meet the demands for a stricter and healthier diet, by producing wholemeal Sa Fregula Sarda and Is Malloreddus pasta.

The Le Rustiche range, is now produced in a wholemeal version, including not only the most popular and well-known traditional formats such as “mezze penne”, “tortiglioni”, “pastina”, “fusilli” and “maccheroni”, but also original formats such as Chiffari and Ondine rigate to fulfil all different tastes. The choice of high-quality semolina and the constant, stringent checks on the hygiene and sanitation systems guarantee authentic, healthy and top-quality pasta at all times.



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