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Why are Sardinian gnocchi called “is malloreddus”

“Sardinian Gnocchi” have made quite a name for themselves, but “Is Malloreddus” have their roots in the island’s farming history, devoted to a culinary tradition centred around the cultivation of wheat, typical of the Mediterranean diet. The term “malloreddus” (“is” simply means “the”) is derived from “malloru”, a Campidanese Sardinian term that means “bull”, whereby “eddus” is the suffix used to create the diminutive. “Is Malloreddus” thus translates into “the calves”, precisely because of their curved shape recalling that of a small bull’s head.
Housewives would prepare this delicacy using “su ciuliri”, the straw sieve on which small portions of the dough, made of durum wheat semolina, water and a pinch of saffron, were pressed.
This would give the pasta its unique, rolled and scored shape, making Is Malloreddus an iconic dish that continues to grace Italian tables to this day, thanks to La Casa del Grano’s traditional pasta.